Pay For A Research Paper Com – This arrangement Radom Justice is important for the people of Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

According Romanowski, such a solution is expected by the farmers, because they can not sell bred pigs. The project assumes that the contracts for the supply of pork that meets the veterinary requirements, as well as meat products produced from pigs from areas subject to restrictions associated with the occurrence of ASF does not apply the Public Procurement Law. The special will facilitate public bodies, mainly public sector entities. The Sejm Deputies will also draft law on the establishment of April 14, a national holiday – “Polish Feast of the Baptism.” “Baptism Polish is a key event in the history of our nation and the State. In addition to the religious dimension also had a strategic dimension and political. Thanks to our homeland has joined the family of European nations, to the civilization of Western Europe.

Without this event is hard to imagine our culture and identity” – we read in the justification for the project, which was signed by, among others, Members PSL kukiz’15, Law and Justice, and the non-attached WiS. On Thursday the Parliament will deal with the governmental draft amendment to the Law on the Office of the Minister of National Defense and the Law on the universal duty to defend the Republic of Poland. It assumes, among others, increasing the role of Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, which are to be commander General and operating of the armed forces and the head of the Inspectorate of Support. Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces has – so far – report directly to the Minister of Defense. Prepared by the Ministry of Defense and the National Security Bureau novel project is the first phase of changes in the system of command and control. In the longer term, they announced the restoration of separate commands of the armed forces, which liquidated the 2014 reform.

The Sejm will also presidential draft amendments to the law on veterans. He predicts that the status of veteran foreign missions will be able to apply not only to those who served on them continuously 60 days, but also those on shorter missions that have spent a total of at least 90 days. Currently, veteran status can apply for a soldier or officer who took part in peacekeeping or stabilization mission contingent of police, Border Guard, Fire Brigade, BOR and activities of the State Security Service continuously for at least 60 days. On the agenda is a government bill on employee equity plans, which include the creation of private, voluntary pension savings system. Members also have to work on the government’s novella of the Law on income tax from individuals and novella certain acts in connection with the strengthening of supervision and investor protection in the financial market. The Sejm vote will decide whether at this meeting to appoint the Ombudsman for Children.

Law and Justice candidate for the position of the RPD is Sabina Lucyna Zalewska. About this position will also apply Ewa Jarosz, which supported the PO and PSL Modern and Paul Kukiz-Szczucinski – candidate kukiz’15 club. The term of office of the current Ombudsman, Marek Michalak, passed on 27 August 2018. However, according to the Law on Ombudsman for Children will act on their duties until the oath by the new Ombudsman. Members also listen to information about the deputy Beata Awl. Its actions and activities undertaken during the term of the Parliament in protest of parents of persons with disabilities. Horal did not rule out that the committee will want to ask the former Prime Minister, “or have the knowledge or informed him that at all interested in this matter.” “There are signs that Donald Tusk called as a witness at least would be to tell about his state of knowledge” – said Horala.zobacz also Horal of the Committee of Inquiry.

VAT Rostowski is a key witness [INTERVIEW] “He added that if the former prime minister will be asked, “is probably at the end of the committee’s work to verify other information collected in the course of work.” On Monday the Commission of Inquiry. VAT has to question the finance minister during the reign of the PO-PSL Jan Vincent Rostowski. “Mr. John Vincent Anthony, Anthony Vincent, one of the problems we have, is, as Mr. Rostowski called, too, after a very crucial and I suspect that at least once, at the end of the committee’s work, will (again) called off the today’s hearing “- said Horal. Rostowski will testify as a witness in the proceeding investigating whether in the years 2007-2010 in public institutions, there were no negligence that led to the loss of revenue the state treasury from the tax on goods and services and excise duty. The vulnerability of this title is even estimated to be around 260 billion zl.

A group of 59 US senators, more than half of the Senate, the upper house of Congress, in a letter to Prime Minister Morawiecki expresses disappointment that “Poland is the only major country in Europe, which to date has not adopted a national comprehensive law providing for restitution or compensation for property private “, however,” is hoped that soon it will happen. “Lapinski questioned on Wednesday the radio RDC, whether the government should listen to America on reprivatization assessed that” this is a complicated thing. “He emphasized that the Ministry of Justice prepared a draft law reprivatisation, but they are about him all sorts of uwagi.zobacz also: USA: Senators urge the Prime Minister to adopt a fair reprivatisation act »” it’s hard to find such a model, which on the one hand, satisfied all those who in any way have been wronged, and on the other hand, too It takes into account the fact that Poland is still state, which (is) the so-called. acquis and is not a state that can afford to spend freely billions of zlotys’ – Lapinski said. “This project not even hardly came out of the inter (…) so that the wait. This is a matter that certainly will not happen next month or in the coming weeks, whether in Parliament or in the Senate “- Advocate prezydenta.zobacz also Brudzinski list of US senators: We will be guided by the interests of the Polish state» Although Dorula does not belong to any political party for the elections started with the election committee of the Law and Justice. Municipal Election Commission in Zakopane has already approved all protocols except one – originating committee No. 19, where the election irregularities occurred. In this 12-committee of voters received bad cards to vote in city council elections.

Nevertheless, the mayor Doruli win in the first round is uncertain, because his main opponent, Marek Donatowicz won the support of 28.8 per cent. “I am pleased that the people appreciated what I did for the past four years term. Even in the history of Zakopane there was no such situation that the candidate won in the first round, “- told PAP Dorula. The main achievements in the passing Doruli tenure include the creation of public transport, the fight against smog, repairs over 50 streets throughout the city. Behind term Doruli succeeded with the TVP twice arrange outdoor New Year’s Eve concert. With the support of the government it took over in Zakopane last term stake in Polish Tatra holding a series of hotel facilities and Waterpark.

The government also financially supported the purchase of the former Gestapo headquarters in Zakopane, where the museum is planned to World War II. A number of investment funds acquired the mayor Dorula EU and the flagship investment was the start of the repair station building and start of construction of a communications center. With EU funds also managed to renovate a historic villa Red Mansion, which now houses the Cultural Center of Zakopane. Rownia Krupowa also revitalized and built two multi-sports courts. “In the next term, I want to enlarge with additional public transport lines, to raise our standard of public transport and reduce traffic congestion during the tourist season. Important investment will also be parking on the estate Spyrkowka barrage, the development of the gas network and continue the fight for clean air in Zakopane, because for this purpose have already received subsidy measures “- named mayor.

He added that he also will seek investments in the ski area Harenda, Nosal and Gubalowka ski lift and modernization of the Hall Goryczkowa. (PAP) by Simon Bafia As for the amendment to the Act on cash benefits from social insurance in case of sickness and maternity, the Act on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons, as well as the law on healthcare services financed from public funds. MEP rapporteur Elizabeth Duda (PiS) said before the vote that the amendment “regulates the rules of placing the symbol cause of disability.” “And consequently the type of disease, especially mental illness. Specific provisions specify the period for submitting an application for a certificate and the procedure of issue” – she explained. According to the Act on behalf of an assistant medical doctor will be able to issue e-exemption. This solution will involve about 186 thousand. doctors and dentists. The Sejm passed an amendment as amended. One assumes that the Act will come into force 14 days from the announcement.

According to the doctor proposed solutions (with profile information) will be able to authorize the issuance of sick leave – on his behalf and on the basis of medical records – a worker pursuing a medical profession or auxiliary activities, the granting of health benefits (having profile information). This should include for nurses, paramedics or medical secretaries. Authorization will be issued for no longer than 12 months. After this time, the following authorizations can be granted for the periods not longer than 12 months. In addition, the law assumes that formed Register medical assistants (conducted by the Ministry of Health) will collect information about persons having authorization to print redundancy, which will then be forwarded to the Social Security. ZUS has to verify whether you can make the possibility of a person authorized to issue sick leave in the form of an electronic document (in terms of whether the individual is entitled created by ZUS profile information portal platform Electronic Services – PUE).

However, the responsibility associated with entrusting this task to an authorized person will rest with the doctor. According to the proposed rules in 2018. Minister of Health through the National Health Fund will be able to subsidize the amount of 50 million zl for the purchase of computer equipment (hardware) and software and the necessary training providers. The Act also proposes to 2019. Costs of collection and recording of health insurance premiums deducted by the Social Insurance Institution has been temporarily reduced from 0.20 to 0.175 per cent. This will enable the transfer of additional money to the NHF need for computerization and training providers. (PAP) by Paul Zebrowski On Saturday in the “Superwizjer” on TVN24 it aired a report Bertold Kittel “Radom system pay for research paper canada.” The journalist met with the residents of the municipality k Smith.

Radom, who are protesting against the construction of a new expressway S12, inquire who decided to change its course and suspect that someone wants to cash in on real estate speculations. The material describes the relationship Kittel businessman in the construction industry Saczywki Roman and his son radomskimi PiS politicians, among others, with Dariusz Wojcik, many years chairman of the City Council and former Deputy President of Radom supervising municipal investments Igor Marszalkiewicz. Also reveals that Dariusz Wojcik and sister of former president Andrew Kosztowniak Radom – now deputy chairman of Law and Justice parliamentary group for the construction of the S12 route to plot or shares in plots located in close proximity to the future of the expressway. There is also a housing estate – misguided investment Radom businessman. The head of PO caucus announced at a press conference in the Parliament that submitted to the Sejm speaker Marek Kuchcinski request for information infrastructure minister Andrzej Adamczyk on. Changes expressways S12.

Naumann wants to see at the next, a three-day meeting of the Chamber, which will begin on Tuesday, presented information Adamczyk, who influenced you to change the route. Platform politician also wants to know the impact on the change in the route of the S12 have PiS MPs – including Andrew Kosztowniak and Marek Suski. “We know this and also we have the materials, it is not the only place in Poland, where the PiS politicians benefit from building roads to their plots,” – he said. “This arrangement Radom Justice is important for the people of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. We have no explanation for their participation today in this affair,” – added the head of PO caucus. “We also want to know what action the minister has taken Adamczyk, when he learned that PiS politicians probably dipped their fingers in the conduct of road S12 changes” – said Neumann. “What consequences Adamczyk pulled Minister in relation to the persons responsible for these changes?” – He was asking. Also calls for information that costs for land purchase PiS deputies suffered state budget. “The only way that PiS wants to build, mostly builds for each other. We have a way to Beata Awl, and now we have a way which is built to Mr Kosztowniak and his family” – he added. The head of the political office of Prime Minister Marek Suski referring PAP material “Superwizjer” stressed that “in Radom four years ruled by the PO system.” “President Witkowski give Ewa Kopacz and President of Radom heating Krzysztof Z. – the man with the allegations.

I hope that after the elections it will change and will be president Wojciech Skurkiewicz” – Suski said. (PAP) (we plan to continue the theme) author: Alexander Rebelinska Law and Justice deputy directs the commission of inquiry to investigate the legality and regularity of the activities and the occurrence of negligence and omissions of public authorities and institutions for ensuring income Treasury tax on goods and services and excise duties in the period from December 2007. November 2015 to the r.zobacz : Horal: I’ll put the request to call Nowak and again Chojna-Duch »Parliament Speaker positively the request of the prosecution Chojna-Duch for his testimony before the committee. VAT» Horal on Monday morning interview on radio Jedynka asked whether the current effects of the work of his committee indicate that they were not only negligence and lack of professionalism, or lack of competence of the highest officials in the country responsible for collecting taxes, for the creation of law. “But if there are arguments that could have been, there was no such deliberate action, whose aim was to simply enable phishing VAT from the Polish budget” – asked a journalist. Horal replied that “this certainly can not be ruled out,” .See also: “For our law PiS MPs voted for all”. J. Rostowski before the commission for the VAT »” Of course we are talking about the activities of different people, different institutions.