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Welcome to Nutrition Education 101

We see our role as making it easy for those seeking health information to access both good nutrition information and opportunities for continuing education. We have extensive combined years of experience in organising seminars, conferences and workshops on health matters. This online medium provides a wonderfully quick and easy way to access information on topical health matters, particularly for those in rural and remote areas in this large country of ours.


Our team of experts, in their respective fields, are continually researching the latest trending nutritional matters and the impact on the health of people around the globe. Their findings are conveyed the the easiest way possible so those visiting the site fully understand the teaching.


Our goal is to educate visitors to the site. The cross section of understanding of nutritional matters is wide. We try and bridge that gap by catering to everyones needs. Please communicate with us if you have any suggestions on improving how we can meet your needs.


We provide digital on-line training on nutrition education and have many special events that we publicise from time to time. These special events cover a wide array of topics and there is something for everyones education on health related matters pertaining to nutrition. If there is something that you would like us to consider as an event not being covered by us, please let us know via the contact us page.


What We Do

We provide extensive information and education on nutrition and health related matters. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for health professionals to convey trending health issues and educate in a 101 manner on these topics. We hope that access for both good information on nutrition and opportunities for continuing education is made easy for all.

We have event managers with over 15 years experience in organising seminars, conferences and educational workshops on health related matters.

With advancements in technology we now specialise in webinars and their MP4 recordings. These online mediums provide a wonderful way to offer quick and easy access for busy people wanting answers to their health and nutrition related questions including the safest waste removal waste removal methods.

  • Resource on nutrition and related health matters.
  • On-going research on all trending nutrition matters.
  • Special events on topics of special interest run by experts.
  • Supporting research being conducted by our our team.
  • Publicising our findings on-line and via social media channels.

Client Testimonial

mike“I am continually being asked about nutrition and related health matters. I have found Nutrition Education 101 as a great resource and reference point for clients. It gets my thumbs up!”

Mike Hansel – Fitness Instructor

dan“Its refreshing to have this on-line resource to refer to for information on health and nutrition matter. Its been so helpful in so many ways and I am happy to fully endorse the work of N.E.101”/span>

Dan Haugh – Professional Coach